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WORKSHOP - "Finding The Ground As A Constant Partner" Sun 6th May @ Triyoga Primrose Hill


Date: Sun May 20th 2007
Time: 5 - 7 pm
Venue: Triyoga Primrose Hill

Begin to experience what it’s like to keep the breath free,
to find the ground as a constant partner when we move…

This is a unique workshop inspired by one of Aki's teachers from the US, Eric Stewart - it explores fun and incrediblly effective ways to learn how to be grounded and understand what it means to be grounded and then to experience how we can use this connection with the ground in movement through various excercises.

Contents description:
One of the most (if not the very most) fundamental elements when we practice yoga – either in stillness or in movement – is to be able to work with the ground.
Finding the ground as our constant partner while both in movement and in standing and seated poses means that there is a constant exchange of the forces between our body and the ground.

In order to find the ground, the breath must be free.
By protecting the lung space and finding just the right amount of tone (tension) in our body – the breath will be maintained as we move our body.

When joint spaces are closed and tight, the force (from gravity) and the fluid are blocked and prevent us from moving freely. When there’s space within the joints of the body, the force we receive from the ground will leap across the joints.
When you open up your door to let the force come back into your body from the ground, and at the same time able to give actively to the ground, it also allows the joint space to be open.

We can maintain continuous engagement from ground upward.

We will enjoy the continuous live connection to and from the ground through the structure of the body.

It's continuous and constant and that means as we move, or while we are even seemingly still, our relationship with the ground/gravity/force are constantly changing and while these constant changes occur (throughout our practice and our normal daily life) this connection continues and can be left alive.

An unbroken, continuous awareness while in movement = Constant changes = The most fundamental element in vynyasa flow.

We can be so sensitive to the subtlest movement in our body within the space / environment around us that it can give us a true sense of being alive in the present moment in our body. And this experience can help eliminate our false understanding that we are "a separate entity" in the universe. Because we are not!

In this workshop, we will explore this fundamental element through some playful exercises, and toward the end of the session, what we discovered will be applied in simple vinyasa and some standing poses to have a taste of staying alive & free during the vinyasa flow practice. The session will end with a restorative pose.

Suitable for people with little experience of yoga or experienced practitioners or even teachers.

Come and have fun and re-discover your constant partners – the breath and the ground.

Please contact Triyoga for booking information. Feel free to contact Aki for any enquiry for the contents.

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