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“Orality and Relationship” Workshop with Aki Omori and Kate Ellis Saturday 11th February 2017

“Orality and Relationship”
Workshop with Aki Omori and Kate Ellis
Saturday 11th February 2017

A day workshop to explore the themes of orality and relationship through Somatic Movement and Body Psychotherapy.

At The Crowhurst Community Centre, Brighton  
10am – 5pm
What is desire and satisfaction?  How do we know we have enough?
What moves us to reach for more?
How does this theme of "having enough" play out within our body and our relationships?
What does it mean to have a healthy appetite for life?

The very beginnings of these themes occur in infancy and childhood but how do we carry them over into our adulthood and how is our body perhaps still signaling to us something about this?
This one day workshop will explore these themes from Somatic Movement perspectives, especially infant developmental movements and digestive tracts in the body, and exercises from Body Psychotherapy, looking at developmental psychology.
Using partner work, individual explorations and group sharing to explore how we organise our perceptions, feelings and challenges around self-reliance and seeking support.
Aki Omori (RSME/RSMT, NARM) is getting together with a body-psychotherapist and a yoga teacher Kate Ellise to explore this fascinating subject.

£75 (£65 early bird if booked before the 3rd Jan 2017)

Please contact Kate Ellis. info@kateellisyoga.co.uk

The Crowhurst Community centre in Brighton (5 mins from Preston Park station)  http://www.brightonstjohn.org.uk/wherearewe.html

For further enquiry regarding the workshop contents, you can either contact Aki (www.akiomori.com / aki2002@gmail.com / 07966204842) or Kate (www.kateellisyoga.co.uk / info@kateellisyoga.co.uk / 07815130930)

Aki Omori
Aki is a true explorer of movements and living body-mind.
She is a registered somatic movement therapist / educator, trained in Body-Mind Centering (BMC) and Integrative Body-Work and Movement Therapy (IBMT), and a qualified practitioner of Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM), which is a form of early trauma healing work designed for adult clients.  She became passionate about teaching and sharing the somatic movement work based on the developmental movement and embryology, as she realised over the years their enormous benefits, both physically and mentally (as they are not separate) and they are largely incorporated into all her work, including teaching yoga.  She is known for her extensive anatomical knowledge and her explorative approach of teaching, inviting students to find their own unique and honest truth. 
She runs  trainings for yoga teachers and therapists, based on developmental movements and embodied anatomy of the various body systems, especially the nervous system, the skeletal system, the fluid system and the endocrine system. 

Kate Ellis

Kate is a senior teacher at triyoga, a longstanding faculty member of their teacher training programme and has been teaching for 17 years. Her experience of receiving one-to-one sessions for ten years, along with her practice of Thai massage and meditation which spans over twenty led her to realise that yoga is not a thing in itself (eg. Union of the body/mind) but a means and a process by which we come to experience the non- separation of body and mind. To this end she trained as a body psychotherapist in order to explore the ‘other half’ of the body based practices she was working with. She now practices a synthesis of approaches in her private practice in Brighton and London.

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