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Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Suleyman's Garden, Turkey 23rd - 30th September 2013 - ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT!

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Mon 23rd - Mon 30th September 2013     Only 3 spaces left! 
One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Suleyman's Gardens, Turkey 

A one week of yoga and meditation retreat at absolutely delightful, charming Suleyman's Garden in the area known as Turkey's Turquoise Coast.  
We had a wonderful retreat last year here and I am so delighted that we are returning again this year. 
Here's a piece of feedback from a participant. 
'Thank you Aki for SUCH an inspiring retreat -the setting was breath-taking, the food was divine, and the group of people were so lovely.  With your energy, words and guidance you created a supportive environment in which we could immerse ourselves in meditation, pranayama, asana and philosophy.  I returned home feeling grounded, rested, revitalised and inspired. An amazing experience.  Thank you for everything.  Looking forward to the next one!'  
The Place
It is a small, traditional farm with terraced vegetable field, orchards, and beautiful gardens and it's in a great location with a stunning view of the Mediterranean. 
The local owners grow all their organic vegetables and fruit for the kitchen to make the delicious meals. 
Suleyman and his family, who cook, clean and garden, are very welcoming and helpful. 
Staying at Suleyman's Garden is very much like being a houseguest - it's a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  

The Location
It is in a very unspoiled area, on what is known as the Lycian Way, a marked trail, which is wonderful for walking on the dramatic mountainous coastline. 
Suleyman's Garden is in a stunning location overlooking the mediterranean, with swimming from a rocky cove a five minute away.  

The accommodation is in simple, comfortable wooden cabins with verandas, and traditional stone and thatched huts, set amid lovely flowery gardens. 
Bathrooms facilities are shared, and conveniently located around the site, with ample showers, toilets and hot water. 

Swimming Pool 

There's a lovely swimming pool in a natural setting, with views over the terraces to the sea. 

Yoga Shala 

The wooden floored and shaded yoga shala is set amid the vegetable gardens and fruit trees, with lovely sea views and has space for 16.  The shala is fully equipped with mats, belts, blocks, bolsters and blankets. 

For Single Cabins
For Shared accommodation
At the moment, there are both single cabins and a twin share in a beautiful stone house options available.

You can secure your place by sending a non-refundable deposit of £250 to Aki either via bank transfer (details available on request) or by sending a cheque. Please contact Aki for details. 
ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT!  So do hurry and contact me. 

Flights and Airport Transfers: 
You can fly to Dalaman. 
Here is a list of possible flights from the UK.
Flights possibilities:

** highly recommended
* also recommended 

Monarch  from Gatwick
6:10 – 12:00 *
13:40 – 19:40 **

12:50 – 15:05 **
20:40 - 23:10

Easyjet from Standted
                  7:00 - 13:05 *
                  13:45 – 16:00 **

Easyjet from Gatwick
                  15:05 – 21:00  (this is possible as a last resource but not recommended)
                  21:50 – 00:10

Thomas Cook from Gatwick
                  10:55-16:55 **
(I could not find the return flight with Thomas Cook) 

The transfer cost varies with the number of people on each trip, which will hopefully encourage people to arrive, if not on the same flight, at similar times. We set the prices as one-way, as people may return to the airport in different combinations, so the return may be a different price.

(Turkish lira prices) (£1 = 2.75TL)
1 passenger 160TL
2 passengers 80TL each
3 passengers 55TL each
4 passengers 45TL each
5 passengers 35TL each
6 passengers 30TL each
7 + passengers 25TL each

For more photos of the venue, visit Suleyman's Garden's website:

One Day Yoga Retreat - Coming Home To Ourselves

A one day yoga retreat in the centre of London. 

A day long practice to go back to the simplicity of our practice, the simplicity of our honest being. 
There is nobody to impress, there's nothing to prove to anybody - including ourselves. 

Return to the stillness within and follow the impulse that arises from that stillness - then we move...
Listening and expressing...

Breathe in. Breathe out...

Let us be guided by the wisdom within.
Let all the judgement drop away.

Breathe in. Breathe out...

A simple pleasure.

- - -
If you cannot make a longer retreat, this is an ideal opportunity to taste what it's like to dedicate your whole day to variety of practices.
Also this one day retreat offers you a rare opportunity for you to explore a guided, longer pranayama session.

- - -

The day consists of meditation, pranayama, asana in the morning, and satsang, asana, hands-on body work to ease tension and restorative practices in the afternoon.

For all levels, but at least one year a regular yoga practice is desirable.

9:30-10:00 Meditation
10:00-11:00 Pranayama

11:30am-1:15pm Asana

2:30pm -3:00pm Satsang
3:10pm - 4:00pm Asana (inc. inversions)
4:00pm - 4:45pm Hands-on bodywork to east tension
4:45pm -5:00pm Restorative / Meditation to close

Booking via Triyoga:

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September 29th - October 6th

Suleyman's Garden, Turkey SOLD OUT

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