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Mon 25th Sep - Mon 2rd October 2017 Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care Retreat at Suleyman's Garden, near Fethiye, Turkey

Mon 25th Sep - Mon 2rd October 2017
Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care Retreat
at Suleyman's Garden, near Fethiye, Turkey
With Aki Omori 

Come for a relaxing week of yoga, meditation and self-care in the sun.   Unwind and enjoy yourself by the sea at absolutely delightful and charming Suleyman's Garden, in the unspoilt part of Turkey, known as Turquoise Coast.  

Suleyman’s Garden is a small traditional organic farm set on the Mediterranean coast, with terraced vegetable fields, orchards, beautiful gardens and stunning sea views. 
It is just a few minutes walk through the forest to reach a beautiful rocky swimming cove. 
It is in a very unspoiled area, on the Lycian Way, a marked trail, famous for its beauty, which is wonderful for walking on the dramatic mountainous coastline. 
The local owner grows all their organic vegetables and fruit for the kitchen to make the delicious meals.  
Suleyman and his family, who cook, clean and garden, are very welcoming and helpful. 
Staying at Suleyman's Garden is very much like being a houseguest in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  
There is also a lovely swimming pool with breath taking views of the ocean. The sea is just a short walking distant away for you to dive into.

are either in very comfortable wooden cabins with own verandas to sit and enjoy quiet, all set amid lovely flowery gardens, or en-suite bedrooms in newly built houses.  The bathrooms facilities are shared by those in cabins and conveniently located around the site, with ample showers, toilets and hot water.  In such a perfectly warm climate, with starry sky above, a short walk to your bathroom at night is actually a joy.  All room types are offered in first come first served basis.  Please specify your preference at the time of booking.  

Routine:  There will be a short morning meditation and pranayama before breakfast to set our energy in a good way and 2 yoga sessions offered most days.  The sessions will be a combination of quiet and more energetic practices and some somatic movement explorations that can support you in learning how to develop healthy movements. Also some restorative practices in the afternoon to ease and recuperate our body-mind.   The class contents will be tailor-made on the spot to suit the group. 
There will be a day off when you can either rest or take a long walk or for an excursion for a group of willing persons to explore the amazing sites in the area in open top jeeps or a boat trip to a stunning nearby beach.  

Cost: Early Bird Discount August 14th
Twin:                         £700 (early bird)                  £800 (full rate)    
Twin En-suite:        £780 (early bird)                   £880 (full rate)
Single:                       £780 (early bird)                   £880 (full rate)       
Single En-suite:      £880 (early bird)                   £980 (full rate)
The price includes all the practice sessions, accommodation and food.   It does not include flights, airport transfers (see below), massage sessions and travel insurance and cost for excursions (ie; jeep/boat). 

Booking:  To secure your place by sending a non-refundable deposit of £250   
Please contact Aki for further details.   (Email: aki2002@gmail.com)  (Text or call 07966204842) 

Flights and Airport Transfers:  You will fly to Dalaman.  Currently the return flights are available from around  £230-£260.
The transfer from / to the airport will be arranged at a small cost.  The costs vary depending on the number of people sharing.
Most people take flights that arrive at Dalaman in evening and some will take early flights and relax at the Suleyman’s Garden and wait for the rest of the group.  Welcoming food will be served upon arrival to help you settle, regardless of time. 
The first day (Monday 25th) will be an arriving day for all and the practice will begin in the following morning. 

For more photos, the venue’s website, www.huzurvadisi.com and look under Suleyman’s Garden

'Thank you Aki for SUCH an inspiring retreat -the setting was breath-taking, the food was divine, and the group of people were so lovely.  With your energy, words and guidance you created a supportive environment.  
I returned home feeling grounded, rested, revitalised and inspired.  An amazing experience.
 Thank you for everything.  Looking forward to the next one!'  (Natalie, a yoga teacher)

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A Quick Glance 2017


Latest News!  
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training 2017,  Module 1 & 2
Now open for booking! 
Module 1  Thu 6th - Sun 9th April 2017 
Module 1  Thu 4th - Sun 7th May 2017
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 1
First half of 2 parts 60 hour Advanced Enquiry for Yoga Teachers, Holistic Therapist and Psychotherapist 
Click Here for details.

Current Weekly Regular London classes:  
Monday       1-2:15pm  Portobello Green Fitness Club 
                     6-7:15pm   Triyoga Soho 
Tuesday        9:30-11:30am  Virgin Active Notting Hill 
Wednesday   12:45-1:45pm   Triyoga Camden
Friday           6:15-7:30pm    Triyoga Camden (Restorative yoga class) 

Private Yoga Tuition / Bodywork and Somatic Movement Therapy /  Early Trauma Therapy:  
I am available either in Queen's Park or at your own home or a hired venue.  Please enquire. mail@akiomori.com  07966 204 842  

Yoga & Somatics Training / Workshops / Retreats in 2017

Sun Jan 7th 2017   
"Exploration in Movement - Gravity, Structure, Breath & Asana" 
New Year Yoga and Somatics Workshop with Jean Hall and Aki Omori  
Aki and Jean Hall are joining force together offering a one day workshop.  Combining our long term shared interest, passion, knowledge and experiences to create an opportunity for us all to learn in a playful, committed and experiential way together.  Come with an open mind and curiosity.
Venue:  Triyoga Soho
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm at Triyoga Soho  
Cost: £75
Booking: Please follow the link to Triyoga's website for booking. 
Contents: Aki Omori & Jean Hall join forces for this unique workshop to explore movement development and the body systems in relation to yogasana practice.  Through exploring our natural + progressive developmental movement patterns, we can sense into the innate pathways in our body and experience how support precedes ease of movement. Reconnecting with this inherent ability within us can open us to fuller, deeper and more purposeful realms of our yoga practice.   To further this exploration we will also bring awareness to some body systems such as fluid system and skeletal system to inspire movement through sensation of our living body. This will lead us to realise our capacity for wholeness and embodiment on and off the yoga mat. 
The Session will include: Breath awareness / Breath centred asana practice / Gravity and Levity in movement / Discovering fluid support in the body / Some structural anatomy / Free, authentic movement exploration / Partner work / Discussion, reflection + contemplation

Sat February 11th  
"Orality and Relationship”  - Workshop with Aki Omori and Kate Ellis
A day workshop to explore the themes of orality and relationship through Somatic Movement and Body Psychotherapy. 
Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost:   £75 (£65 early bird if booked before the 3rd Jan 2017)
Booking:   Please contact Kate Ellis. info@kateellisyoga.co.uk 
Venue: The Crowhurst Community Centre, Brighton  (5 mins from Preston Park station)  http://www.brightonstjohn.org.uk/wherearewe.html
For further enquiry regarding the workshop contents, you can either contact Aki (www.akiomori.com / aki2002@gmail.com / 07966204842) or Kate (www.kateellisyoga.co.uk / info@kateellisyoga.co.uk / 07815130930)

Thu 6th - Sun 9th April 2017 
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 1
First half of 2 parts 60 hour Advanced Enquiry for Yoga Teachers, Holistic Therapist and Psychotherapist 
Click Here for details.

Thu 4th - Sun 7th May 2017 
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 2
Second half of 2 parts 60 hour Advanced Enquiry for Yoga Teachers, Holistic Therapist and Psychotherapist
Click Here for details.

Yoga and Somatics with Aki Omori Training at Kilnhanger in Surrey: 
Module 1 April  6-9, 2017
Module 2  May 4-7, 2017

Yoga and Meditation Retreats 2017 dates this year are as below.  
Retreat Rome: at Villa Il Cardinale  18th May - 25th May 2017 
Retreat Surrey, England: at Kilnhanger  at end June 2017  (Dates TBC) 
Retreat Turkey: at Suleyman's Garden   September 25th - 2nd October 2017 
More details to follow here.  
But if you would like to know more and book, please contact Aki.  aki2002@gmail.com 


Featured:  Next Event
Dates:  Thursday 15th September - Sunday 18th September 2016 
Advanced Enquiry / Teachers Training Course on "Restorative Yoga from Somatic Perspective. Module 3:   "Me and The World"  
Venue: Kilnhanger, Surrey, England
A 4 days residential training,  themed around an on-going enquiry on nourishment and depletion patterns.
The module 3 can be taken independently without having done the module 1 & 2.
In those 4 days, titled "Me and The World" explores our sense of core self and our choices in how we relate to the world through in depth experiential study of Skeletal System as well as Nervous System and other relevant psycho-physical materials.
It is also an opportunity to really understand how our pelvis / shoulder girdle / spine work to support you in finding more ease and joy in your movements as well as some giving you an insight into any on-going issues or injuries.  It will also help you find your full breath.
For more information, Click Here

Mon 26th Sep - Mon 3rd October 2016  Special Offer Price!!
Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness Retreat at Suleyman's Garden, near Fethiye, Turkey

Unwind and enjoy the sea at absolutely delightful and charming Suleyman's Garden, in the unspoilt part of Turkey, known as Turquoise Coast.  
Benefit of Small Group
This is my 5th year at Sullyman’s Garden and the retreat has always been full and busy and the practice hours on my retreats are quite long.  This year, we have rather a small group and I plan to run much more relaxed schedule – more time to rest and unwind and play!  If you are serious about yoga, that means you will get more detailed attention for your needs.  Plus, I will be running a clinic each day for individuals who wish to get a bodywork, movement therapy or treatment with me. 
15% off - Special Offer for the small group retreat this year:         Special Offer Price!!
Twin is now £650 £765                      Twin En-suite and Single are both now £722 £850                 
The price includes all the practice sessions, accommodation and food. 
It does not include flights, airport transfers (see below), massage sessions and travel insurance. 
To secure your place by sending a non-refundable deposit of £250   
Please contact Aki for details.   (Email: aki2002@gmail.com)

For More information, Click Here

Fri 8th January - Fri 12th February 2016   
6 Week Course  "Evening Pranayama" 
7:45-9:45pm  at Triyoga Camden  /  £75
For booking and more details: Click Here

Sun 21st Feb 2016 
Adventure in Primitive Reflexes - a one day workshop
@ British Wheel of Yoga Surrey

Thu 17th - Sun 20th March 2016 
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 1A
Click Here for details. 

Thu 21st - Sun 24th April 2016

Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 2A 
Click Here for details.

Thu 5th - Sun 8th May 2016

Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 1B
Click Here for details.

Sat 21st - 28th May 2016
One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Rome 
A one week retreat held at a grand and utterly beautiful house only 8km from Rome.
For details and booking, please contact Marina Wallace:  marina@artakt.co.uk
To view the venue, click here.

Sun 5th June 2016
One day workshop at Triyoga Soho 
"Exploring Boundaries and Relationships" 

Thu 21st - 24th July 2016
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 1
Click Here for details.

July 30th Yoga Garden Party 
Click Here for the event details and booking 

Thu 18th - 21st August 
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 2 

Thu 15th - 18th September 2016 
Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training Module 3
Part one of the further training.  25 hour residential at a beautiful venue in Surrey.
For more information, please contact Aki.  aki2002@gmail.com

Mon 26th September - Mon 3rd October 2016
One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Suleyman's Garden, Turkey 
For more information and booking, please contact Aki.   aki2002@gmail.com

Sat 12th November 2016 
One day workshop at Triyoga, London 
Contents TBS


Sat 28th February 2015  - Sold Out -  
"Energy Body - Endocrine System and Chakras in Asana" 
At Triyoga Soho  10am - 12:00pm £25

Mon 18th - 24th May 2015 
One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Rome, Italy 
at Villa II Cardinale, Rome 
Immerse yourself into yoga, pranayama and meditation at this elegant venue just a few km from Rome.
For booking:  A £200 deposit (non-refundable) required to secure your place.
It is going to be a small group retreat (10-12 people max).  Make sure to book early for your space.
For more information click here.
For all enquiries about the retreat in Rome, please contact Marina Wallace (Email:  marina@artakt.co.uk)
Check the below link for photos and reviews of the venue from the guests who stayed there.

Fri 26th - Sun 28th June 2015
A Weekend Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Surrey 
Come join me at a beautiful yoga studio, overlooking stunning countryside of Surrey. 
A quick get away from London for a restful and refreshing weekend of Yoga.
It takes us less than 30 minutes from Waterloo or London Bridge by train and a short taxi ride to arrive at the studio. 
The place is surrounded by beautiful nature, a large garden with an amazing panoramic view.

We’ll begin with a long restorative yoga based class on Friday to relax your body and mind.  On Saturday and Sunday, there will be practices of meditation, pranayama, asana and more. 
Price from £220 - £340.   
More info and Booking click here. 

Mon 28th September - Mon 5th October 2015
One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Suleyman's Garden, Turkey
We are returning for the 4th year to this delightful venue in Southern Turkey.
The past 3 years, this retreat has been booked up.  Please make sure to book early to secure your place and your choice of accommodation.  (Twin en-suite, Single, Twin)
Early bird discount is available until June 31st.
For more details of the retreat, click here.
For photos and some information about Suleyman's Gardens, please click here.
Accommodation & Cost: 
Twin / Double  
£765 (Early bird if booked before 31st July) 
£850 (Regular if booked after July 31st) 
Twin En-suite (including the supplement) 
£850 (Early bird if booked before 31st July) 
£935 (Regular if booked after July 31st) 
£850 (Early bird if booked before 31st July) 
£935 (Regular if booked after July 31st) 
For booking:  A £250 deposit (non-refundable) is required to secure your place.
Please contact Aki for payment information.  (Email:  aki2002@gmail.com)

NEWS!!  Booking is Open for this training.  Please click HERE.
Advanced Enquiry / Teachers Training Course on "Restorative Yoga from Somatic Perspective" 
Having had so many requests over the past few years, finally it will run this course this year.
Part 1:  Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th August 2015 
Part 2:  Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September 2015 

It is going to be a two parts residential training course (3 nights/4 days each part) to enquire in-depth experiential study of Nervous System and Embryology/Infant Developmental Movements and its application through Restorative Yoga.
In truth, the knowledge and experiences you will get on this training will inform you in much wider context than just Restorative Yoga.  It will influence your perception, understanding of yourself, and others in your class or in your therapy room or generally surrounding people and environment in your life.  As a result, the way you interact with them will change - because you are informed from much deeper place of understanding and experiences of your own.  It opens a door for continuous further enquiry of your own and invites more authentic and creative ways to approach. 

Suitable for yoga teachers/teacher trainees, holistic therapists, psychotherapists and those who are interested in this exploration.  Some previous experiences is helpful but interest and commitment to the enquiry is essential.
It is going to take place at a beautiful and nurturing venue in Surrey.
A small group of 12 - 16 people max.  I am applying for CPD accreditation for those who are interested in that.

It is residential, however, open to those who can commute each day as accommodation spaces will be limited to around 10 people.  Also people can stay at near by B&B.
Cost for residential participants per Part.   (Note: the total for the both parts will be £1,110) 
£555  (£255 for accommodation/food/use of facility and £300 Tuition fee) 
For non-resident participants, the tuition fee will remain the same. But please enquire for the cost. (food & use of facility) 
You will be required to attend both parts. (Especially for the CPD credit) 
Booking for this training is now open.  Please click HERE. 

Sat 17th - Sun 18th October 2015 

Experiential Anatomy Workshop at The Yoga Space in Leeds
Two weekends are offered as a part of Teachers Training at The Yoga Space but it is also open to public for those who are interested in experiential anatomy.
For more details and booking, please contact The Yoga Space via the link above.
The second weekend dates TBC. It will be early 2016.

Sat 21st - Sun 22nd November 2015
A weekend Workshop 
"Energy Body - Endocrine System and Chakras in Asana" 
Following a workshop on 28th February, there was a strong wish from a number of participants for a longer workshop to explore this fascinating subject deeper.
I am happy to announce that we now have a 2 day workshop on Endocrine System and Chakras in Asana.  This means that we will be able to go slow and deeper and have time to integrate them well into our movements.
This is my on-going exploration on integrating Somatic Movement (Embodied Anatomy/Developmental Movement) with Yoga.  Effective and Insightful movement work that is easily accessible.  
Please come and join me.

The endocrine glands are located along the centre of the body and correspond to different parts of the spine and energy centres of the body, called chakras.

The glands, like chakras and nadis (energy channels) hold powerful and potentially volatile energies within, and we need to approach them with care and respect. When their energies are channelled along the length of spine and grounded through the muscular skeletal structures, we are able to liberate the subtle yet powerful energies safely. In return they support our spine and limbs and inspire our whole body into well-coordinated movements. When we apply this to asana, you move with elegant fluidity and clarity with a spaciousness that arises from being grounded and light. It is a true delight to move with our glands.

Aki will gently guide you through the glands in the body leading towards a dynamic practice of asana sequences.
Book here.

Sun 26th January2014
"Power Within" 
Embodied anatomy of your organs through yoga asana
10:00am - 12:30pm
@Triyoga Primrose Hill   £30
Booking and more details: http://www.triyoga.co.uk/book-courses-workshops?x=1&teacher=123

Fri 4th - Sun 6th April 2014 
British Wheel of Yoga Annual Congress 
@ Warwick University
Aki will be teaching a 3 hour workshop (Bones in Motion) and 2 x classes.
For more details and booking:  http://www.bwy.org.uk

Fri 4th July 2014
Workshop "Two Diaphragms"
- Demystify the two diaphragms for a calmer life & effective yoga practice
at Triyoga Primrose Hill 7:45-9:45pm
Are you interested in: Learning an effective tool to release tension, anxiety and stress and find a calmer and balanced life? Mastering Bandhas? Refining your Ujayi breathing technique in your vinyasa flow practice? Exploring other pranayama practices? Finding ease and strength in your practice? Or is your interest in Scaravelli insipired yoga?

If your answer is yes, even only to one of the above, then this workshop is for you. When thoracic diaphragm and pelvic diaphragm work together well, they move as though they are engaged in an organic dance together, it is like a magical seed or a key to so many different possibilities....
For booking and details, please go to:

Fri 12th September 2014
Workshop at Triyoga Primrose Hill 7:45-9:45pm
"Adventure in Primitive Reflexes"
Primitive Reflexes are simple, automatic movements that appear in your early infancy in response to stimulation from the environment around you.  They are the foundation of all your movements.  Having these automatic movements underneath is essential for effortless and more sophisticated movements.
This workshop will take you through these reflexes again, teaching you how you can help yourself to develop the ones you might have missed or simply refresh your responses.  You will be guided through a series of simple exercises in partner work or in small groups.  It will give you more confidence, a renewed liveliness, clarity and vigour for your body and mind.  You will find a greater sense of balance and a widened sense of your capacity for movement, getting you ready for more sophisticated movements.

Friday 19th - Sunday 21st September 2014   SOLD OUT
A Weekend Yoga Retreat in Surrey
Please email me for booking details.
A few spaces still available.

29th September - 6th October 2014   SOLD OUT
Yoga and Meditation Retreat, Turkey
@ Sulyman's Garden
7 days of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice.
For enquiry: mail@akiomori.com
To view venue: http://www.huzurvadisi.com/venue_sg.htm

Restorative Yoga From Somatic Perspectives - Part 1 and 2 
Training for teachers, teacher trainees, holistic therapists
2 parts over 2 weekends (Fri - Sun) or 1 part only 5 nights
Dates and other details TBC

Somatic Movement Workshops  
"Blue Prints for Movements - Infant Developmental Movements Patterns"
This is a series of introductory one day workshops and will begin around spring, March / April and then spread over 2014. More details to be posted soon.
Dates & Venue TBC

Winter Retreat: Yoga, Somatics and Mindfulness Retreat 
Dates TBC
Venue TBC


Sat 30th March 2013 

Workshop "Bones in Motion" 
Experiential Anatomy - exploring the skeletal body in movement
Triyoga Primrose Hill 2pm - 5pm
For booking follow the link below:

Fri 3rd - Mon 6th May 2013

A Bank Holiday Weekend Yoga Retreat at Kilnhanger, Surrey
Starts Fri 5pm and finishes Mon after lunch around 1pm.
More information on this retreat, please click here.

Sat 29th June - Sat 6th July 2013   
One Week Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat at Finca El Moro, Andalucia, Southern Spain
For more details, click here.

Sat 27th July 
One Day Yoga Retreat "Coming Home to Ourselves" 
At Triyoga, Soho, Lodon
A day long practice to go back to the simplicity of our practice and our honest being. 
If you cannot make a longer retreat, this is an ideal opportunity to taste what it's like to dedicate your whole day to variety of practices.
The day consists of meditation, pranayama, asana in the morning, and satsang, asana, hands-on body work to ease tension and restorative practices in the afternoon.
For more information, click here.
For booking please go to:

Fri 23rd - Mon 26th August 2013      Cancelled!
A Bank Holiday Weekend Yoga Retreat at Kilnhanger, Surrey

Sat 7th - Sun 8th September 2013
A weekend yoga workshop at Shanti Home Yoga Centre, Brussels, Belgium
For information and booking, please go to:

Mon 23rd - Mon 30th September 2013     Fully booked! 
One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Suleyman's Gardens, Turkey
Immerse into yoga, pranayama, meditation in an absolutely delightful, charming and beautiful location.
Only 3 spaces left. Book soon!
For more information, click here.

7th - 11th December 2013 
"Bones In Motion"
Embodied Anatomy Workshop Intensive.
5 days to explore our skeletal body.
Offered as Still Flowing Yoga Somatics Module 2 
Location: London Buddhist Art Centre, Bethnal Green, East London
For enquiry and booking, please contact Gemma via email: stillflowing@hotmail.co.uk

Next Retreat / Workshop


September Friday 19th - Sunday 21st SOLD OUT

A weekend in Surrey

Limited space available.

Please email me for details.


September 29th - October 6th

Suleyman's Garden, Turkey SOLD OUT

Next Workshop

Friday 12th September @ Triyoga Primrose Hill

"Adventure in Primitive Reflexes"


Book Here

Next Class

Friday 6:15-7:30 Restorative Yoga

@ Triyoga Primrose Hill