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Restorative Yoga workshops 2008 / 2009

I am running a series of workshops on Restorative Yoga in and out of London. Please see the details bellow.
Please contact the venue/organizer for booking and other enquiries.
If you have any question about the restorative yoga, you can contact me directly.

Special Yoga Centre: Thursday 27th March 2008
(Kensal Rise, London)
Booking & Enquiry: 020-8968-1900

Somerset: Friday 28th & Sat 29th March 2008
(Bruton, Somerset)
Booking & Enquiry: 07985-013085 (Uma)

Special Yoga Centre: Thursday 24th April 2008
(Kensal Rise, London)
Booking & Enquiry: 020-8968-1900

Special Yoga Centre: Thursday 15th May 2008
(Kensal Rise, London)
Booking & Enquiry: 020-8968-1900

Special Yoga Centre: Thursday 19th June 2008
(Kensal Rise, London)
Booking & Enquiry: 020-8968-1900

Triyoga: Friday 29th June 2008
(Primrose Hill, London)
Booking & Enquiry: 020-7483-3344

British Wheel of Yoga: Sat 28th February 2009
Details to be added when ready.

Yoga is now very popular everywhere and people are benefiting greatly from this ancient art and wisdom in all aspects of their lives. However, the current trend of the practice sometimes can be just a continuation of our habitual way which is another “self-improvement project”, a kind of pressure we put ourselves under.
The life styles we lead are often so busy and tend to deplete us of our energy. In order to get healthy we add yoga classes to our already busy schedule.

Of course yoga is beneficial, but striving in yoga practice is not always helpful when what we really need is to rest, relax and recharge. A lot of us find it difficult to find the time for deep relaxation and rest or worse still; we find it hard to give ourselves permission to rest and do nothing! Because “we are not supposed to!!” This pattern creates a vicious circle and will contribute toward decline in health in the long run.
We keep running on empty until we can no longer continue, reaching the point of sickness, emotional or mental break down.

What we really need to learn is how to rest when we need to, so we can carry on and enjoy our lives with good health.

Restorative Yoga practice will allow you to continue with your yoga practice without further depletion of the energy - and restore the energy that was lost.
"Restorative postures are adaptations of classic yoga postures during the practice of which you are passively supported by props, such as chairs, blankets or bolsters. Because you are supported, you do not have to use energy to get energy. Because the passive action reaches deep into the nervous system, the practice of these postures can dismantle chronic tension patterns, improve immune function, and bring the body and mind back to their original state of equilibrium." (Donna Farhi)

It is a beautiful practice of stillness and insight, which brings rich landscape of experiencing our inner-self.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Restorative Yoga
These are 2 hour lead classes to experience the Restorative Yoga. (They are not paired so you only need to take one of them – unless of course you wish to repeat.)
They are open to all levels of experience in Yoga including the beginners and those suffering from some physical conditions that are not able to participate in ordinary Asana practice.
Especially recommended for people who suffer from stress or fatigue.
If the case is severe, please contact Aki prior to the booking.

Workshop 2: Restorative Yoga for Teachers (Somerset workshop only)
For teachers who wish to learn how to practice restorative yoga in order both to include in their existing practice and to teach their students.
Attending one of the introductory sessions prior to attending this workshop is strongly recommended, as it will help you understand the nature of the practice better.

About Aki Omori:
Aki is a dedicated teacher who has studied with some of the world's greatest teachers. She encourages her students to recognize the subtler elements of their yoga practice by cultivating inner awareness.
She studied Restorative Yoga mainly with Judith Lasater, the leading teacher in this practice, and Donna Farhi.
Having realized its benefits, she now teaches Restorative Yoga extensively and leads workshops and courses across England.

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September Friday 19th - Sunday 21st SOLD OUT

A weekend in Surrey

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September 29th - October 6th

Suleyman's Garden, Turkey SOLD OUT

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Friday 12th September @ Triyoga Primrose Hill

"Adventure in Primitive Reflexes"


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