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“Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective” Training Module 3: Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th September 2016 “Me and The World”

“Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective”
Advanced Enquiry / Teachers Training Course
for Yoga Teachers and Holistic Therapists
with Aki Omori
Module 3:  Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th September 2016
“Me and The World”

This is a professional training designed for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, holistic therapists, psychotherapists or keen movement practitioners, including non-professionals.   
The aim of this on-going training/enquiry series is to provide practitioners/teachers with tools and understanding in a way that they will be able to create their own unique and powerful body of work - both professionally and for your personal growth. 

The module 3 can be taken independently without having done the module 1 & 2. 
30 contact hours over a 4 day residential training, themed around an on-going enquiry on balancing “nourishment and depletion” patterns. 

This module is titled "Me and The World" and we will explore the axial and appendicular skeleton.
Understanding these aspects gives you such clarity in your own structure that you will have more range of movement where it's needed and more containment where there has been too much mobility causing you problems, bringing altogether more balanced and effective movements.

This understanding also helps us have clearer and more conscious choices relationally, both interpersonal and with the environment we live in.

Main subject will be an in depth, experiential study of Skeletal System, as well as Nervous System and other relevant psycho-physical materials.  
It is also an opportunity to really understand how our pelvis/shoulder girdle/spine/ribcage work to support you in finding more ease and pleasure and offer you insights into any on-going issues or injuries for yourself or helping your clients/students.  Your experience and understanding of structure will change greatly.  
This also will give you more awareness and choices which affect the quality of movements (i.e. asana or whatever else) and of your relationships. 
 It will also help you find your full breath. 
What's offered here is so much more insightful, informative and wholesome than what one would expect from an ordinary anatomy study.  As always in my training, it is much fun and profound.  
This is a great opportunity, do not miss it!!

Some of feedback from previous trainings:
“It was really so special and I just wanted to say I feel very fortunate. Whatever you do, Aki, please PLEASE do more of these deep trainings and share. I feel it is such a subtle teaching to offer and really deserves the space and time...
You are wonderful.    Emily (Yoga teacher)
….I feel as if I have had another door opened on my life's path.
Thank you so much to you all for being there to share it with and most of all thank you so much Aki.
I'm not sure how you manage to touch something so deep with such a light touch but you do and I will be
forever grateful for it.   Bridget (Yogi and Author)

Somatic practice is based on discoveries through our own experiences. 
It combines the approaches of the East and the West.  
The Eastern approach of investigating through ‘being with’ and ‘experiencing’ to come to knowing rather than figuring it out or looking at ourselves from the outside, while being informed by the richness of the Western science of biology, anatomy and physiology.
We then are able to cultivate a field of work where we can work with whatever is actually present in front of us, by being present to it and open to it, instead of being limited by an already existing set of knowledge, or by projecting our set of knowledge and missing what is there. 

In truth, the knowledge and experiences you will get on this training will inform you in a much wider context than just Restorative Yoga.  It will influence your perception and understanding of yourself, and others whether they are in your class or clients in your therapy room or people in your life.  As a result, the way you interact with them will change - because you are informed from a much deeper place of understanding and experiences of your own (and empathy and compassion naturally arises from that). It opens a door for continuous further enquiry of your own and invites more authentic and creative ways to approach your work and life.

Cost:  £595
£265       Accommodation, Food and use of facility                       £330       Tuition Fee
Non-residential option is available for those who live or stay near by. Please enquire for the cost.

A non-refundable deposit of £250 is required to secure your place on the training.
Please email Aki for a booking/application form and further details.  (aki2002@gmail.com) 

The venue and booking for the accommodation:
The training is held at the stunningly beautiful venue, called Kilnhanger in Surrey.  
For more information and photos of the place, please go to:  www.kilnhanger.com
Most rooms will be shared either in a twin or a large dorm style space for 3-4 participants.
The rooms are beautifully decorated and comfortable.  They serve healthy, delicious food.

For any further enquiry, please contact Aki via email.    aki2002@gmail.com
Information can also be found at www.akiomori.com

Honouring the lineage:
Aki’s work is deeply inspired by Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) - founded by Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) – developed by Linda Hartley and Neuro-Affective Relational Model® (NARM®) – developed by Dr. Laurence Heller, along with many yoga and buddhist teachings,  body-movement studies that she received over the past decades and many other explorations of life by so many wonderful predecessors that informed her.

About the Tutor:
Aki Omori (Dip. IBMT, ISMETA RSME/RSMT, NARM) is a real explorer of all movements and living body-mind.  As a yoga teacher, having practiced many styles and approaches of yoga over 20 years, she now mainly teaches a slow vinyasa flow style in an informative way.  She encourages her students to be actively involved in enquiries so that they will find their own unique path that is honest and truthful to themselves.  Aki’s classes are known for their explorative nature and are fun and light yet profound.  As well as being a yoga teacher, she is also a registered somatic movement therapist/educator and a developmental / relational trauma therapist. 
She teaches workshops on embodied anatomy, developmental movement, embryology and restorative yoga, and runs regular retreats and her own training programs for yoga teachers and therapists. 
She loves driving her car around London Town and dancing in contact improvisation! 

Once one of participants in her workshop described her:
“She is poetic, yet grounded.  She is experiential yet confident in the benefits of exploring different ‘ways in’ to yoga.  She is fluid and inspiring…” 

For further details of her work, visit:  www.akiomori.com

Or join her at her Facebook page for latest news: www.facebook.com/YogaAndSomaticsWithAkiOmori/

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